Case study: Learn how a "millennial-focused" bank uses AI to drive customer engagement Payjo
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Our AI banking assistants/ smart agents come with pre-built machine learning models and workflows to deliver the best customer experience. These conversational assistants continuously learn with each customer interaction and get better with time.

Smart Discovery
This AI agent increases your bottom-line by saving up to 56% on support costs and operating expense.

It provides ‘first call’ resolution and is available 24/7 to respond instantly to customer queries and requests. It handles up to 30% of all support inquiries, freeing up time for the customer service teams to focus on other important tasks.

Smart Conversion
This AI agent takes care of all sales and product inquiries. It provides information on new products and initiatives, makes applying for a new account or a loanseamless and effortless.

Customers cansave hours of time spent queueing up at branches or seeking and filling information online.

Smart Transaction
This AI agent providesfinancial transaction capabilities to customers in an intuitive manner to improve their banking experience. Account balance checking, deposits, payments, etc. happen at the click of a button or by a simple voice command.

Intelligent Banking
This AI agent is a truly personalized banking assistant that delivers a set of experiences to incentivise your customers’ loyalty.It uses predictive analysis to forecast customer requirements, proactively recommend banking solutions, and provide a personalised panoramic view of his expenses.

Accessibility and ADA
This AI agent allows differently-abled customers to seamlessly interact with your bank using voice or text, through any channel.

Payjo’s AI banking assistants are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements for financial institutions.