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Sales Assistant

AI assisted sales for Enterprises

By providing real-time assistance during form fills, banks can increase the conversion rate from 2% by up to 12%. It is practically impossible for businesses to have sales representatives assisting the hundreds or thousands of visitors to a website every day or calls to their IVRS asking for product information. An AI bot can provide intelligent and personalized assistance, 24/7, to all prospects inquiring through any digital channel (website chat, IVRS, app, social, etc.).

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“Online businesses experience a 98% drop rate for form-fills on their website.”

Key functionalities



Any inquiry through any digital channel (website chat, IVRS, app, social, etc.) can be handled by Payjo 24/7



Can converse with prospects (in both voice and text) in over 100 global and regional languages.


Pre-trained workflows

Platform comes with over 300 pre-trained banking workflows and modules including sales conversion, up-sell and cross-sell


Volume of conversations

Can handle 15,000 conversations per second thereby reducing the call and chat volume to human sales agents

Live deployments of AI sales solution have resulted in revenue increase of up to $2.5M within 5 months of implementation.


of using an AI sales assistant

  • 01
  • Increase conversion rate: Proactively assist during form-fills and guide prospects to completing their application or automatically follow-up to complete submission.
  • 02
  • Grow Revenues: Identify revenue opportunities in every interaction and proactively suggest products that meet prospects’ needs.
  • 03
  • Delight Prospects: Delight prospects by providing the best customer experience in the industry.
  • 04
  • Reduce OpEx: Save up to 60% in support and sales costs within one year of deployment.

With advancements in machine learning algorithms and language understanding, Payjo’s chatbots are very effective at mimicking a human sales representative.

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