Case study: Learn how a "millennial-focused" bank uses AI to drive customer engagement Payjo
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Groundbreaking AI

Cutting edge AI platform that handles 15k conversations/sec, has 300 pre-trained banking workflows and supports over 100+ languages


One platfrom, multi solutions

Enjoy intelligent experiences, save cost through automation, grow revenue through upselling/cross-selling, retain clients creating personalized journeys


Enterprise ready

Centrally shared ontology to ensure data consistency, NLU processing, and data security. Integrates with digital channels from financial institutions for today and tomorrow

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  Payjo’s AI assisted banking solution perfectly complements the existing suite of products at Innosoft. The solution can help extend the services of our product on Face to Face banking to a larger audience thereby adding value to the institution’s investment into the solution. Our reach in Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, and SriLanka will open up multiple frontiers of engagement for both organizations.



  Payjo’s conversational platform leverages AI-powered bots to offer voice-activated financial transactions capabilities to members, something that can benefit and tangibly contribute to many of the strategic goals credit unions are looking to achieve.



  There is already talk of a fifth industrial revolution, one that is powered purely by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies that do not embrace AI will soon be no longer competitive. Abacus is proud to partner with Payjo, a leader in AI Assisted Banking, and we are very excited about working with them to help our customers digitize their communication channels.


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