Learn how Payjo transformed Customer Experience (CX) for one of the largest banks in the world Payjo
Intelligent Accessibility Assistant
AI assisted banking for
the differently-abled

Over 1 billion people in the world have some form of disability,
that’s 1 in 7
Ask the right questions
Is my website and mobile app accessible to people with disabilities?
Are they compatible with assistive technology?
While these are legal requirements in some countries, progressive FIs have differentiated themselves by using digital AI technology to improve accessibility beyond basic requirements and to ensure that ‘all’ customers are provided an equal experience.
Payjo’ AI Accessibility Assistant provides personalized, natural and intelligent assistance to differently-abled customers and prospects, 24×7.
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Key functionality
that delivers enhanced accessibility

Omni-Channel & Zero Drop Rate
Enhances accessibility of experiences on websites, apps, email, social, IVR and more

Differently abled by design
Seamless assistance for all disabilities including visual, auditory, motor and cognitive

AT supported
Compatible with assistive technology like screen readers, special keyboards, 3-D pressure sensors etc

Multilingual AI
Supports over 119 global languages. It understands and converses in voice and text

In the USA alone, people with disabilities account for $220 billion in disposable income.
of providing access to differently-abled
Business potential: These customers have been traditionally inadequately served. With our AI assistant, you can potentially develop long-term, loyal relationships with the differently-abled.
Brand & reputation: Showing that you are a business that cares for and values its differently-abled customers is a great value addition.
Regulatory compliance: Our AI assistant facilitates compliance of your business processes with accessibility and discrimination laws.
Equal customer experience: Provide, prospects and customers with disabilities, a seamless experience of your products and services

“Adherence to web content guidelines can help in compliance but will not
result in an equal experience for all customers.”