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SIA’s first words.
September 5, 2017

SBI launches AI chatbot SIA, powered by Payjo, to deliver enhanced customer experience (CX)

San Mateo, California – Silicon Valley-based startup Payjo has launched an Intelligent Assistant for the State Bank of India (SBI), one of the world’s largest banks with 420M customers. SBI’s Intelligent Assistant or SIA, an AI-powered chat & voice assistant, answers customer inquiries instantly and helps customers with everyday banking tasks just like a bank representative. SIA will enable SBI to significantly reduce operational costs over time.

Since launch, SIA has responded to millions of queries from thousands of customers. SIA is set up to handle nearly 10,000 inquiries per second or 864 million per day – close to 20% of Google’s worldwide traffic.

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Commenting on SIA, Bruce Kim, Co-founder, and CTO of Payjo adds, “Setting up an AI platform at such a massive scale puts Payjo in an elite group along with Google, Apple, and Amazon. Payjo’s over 20 years of expertise in large-scale enterprise financial systems helped ensure our successful launch.”

SIA continuously learns with each interaction and gets better over time. Currently, it can answer inquiries on banking products and services and will soon be able to process financial transactions in many Indian regional languages across multiple customer channels in both voice and text format. SIA can be accessed at

Commenting on SIA, Srinivas Njay, Co-founder, and CEO of Payjo adds, “Companies like Google are launching global products in India first to leverage the millions of users coming online for the first time on smartphones. Payjo makes ‘Banking Accessible to the Billions’ by allowing these users to easily access banking services in their native language through our multilingual conversational AI.”

Shiv Kumar Bhasin, CTO of SBI added, “SIA is the perfect example of ground-breaking banking application in Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Banking. It will enhance customer service several notches above and Payjo’s expertise in the conversational banking domain helped build SIA as a superior chatbot in the global banking space. We look forward to taking SIA and simplifying customer’s lives on multiple customer interaction platforms in partnership with Payjo.”


About Payjo:

Based out of Silicon Valley and Bangalore, we are a leading developer of AI Banking Assistants.

We bring over 25 years of expertise in the financial services domain demonstrating stability and success with running operations from global IT destinations. We have served over 350 marquee customers across 20 countries, generating $50 million in revenue and $2 billion in transactions.

Our latest innovation, Payjo, is the industry’s leading Artificial Intelligence Banking Platform, powering several financial institutions worldwide. The pioneering platform enables every conversation between a bank and its customers to be highly personalized, intelligent, providing 24×7 real-time automated assistance just like a bank representative.

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Allen Reuben Bernard, Head of Marketing

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