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Payjo partners with Celero to provide AI-powered banking interface for credit union members
June 8, 2018

Payjo partners with Celero to provide AI-powered banking interface for credit union members


Using Payjo’s intelligent voice bot and chatbot, credit unions can provide automated, intelligent and personalized assistance to customers and employees.


San Mateo, CA, June 5, 2018 – Payjo, the leading AI-assisted banking platform in the world, announces its partnership with Celero, the leading provider of IT solutions to credit unions across Canada. From lowering support costs to reducing response time, driving customer service and digital engagement, Payjo’s AI implementations are transforming the banking industry. The partnership allows Celero to provide intelligent personal assistants for credit unions that can help enhance their member and employee experience.


Payjo Intelligent Assistant is pre-trained on over 300 banking customer support workflows. It can assist or answer inquiries on all banking products and services such as how to open an account or apply for loans, etc. It can process financial transactions in multiple international languages, including English and French, across multiple customer channels in both text and voice. It continuously learns with each customer interaction and gets better over time.


“Digital adoption is growing in Canada, and millions of users are banking online using smartphones,” says Srinivas Njay, Payjo Founder, and CEO. “Payjo makes ‘Banking Accessible to the Masses’ by allowing these users to quickly and conveniently access banking services in their native language through our multilingual conversational AI.”


Payjo is powering some of the largest and most innovative banks in the world. The Payjo platform currently processes millions of conversations every day with the total capacity across all deployments adding up to 15,000 conversations per second or 1.2 Billion per day – close to 30% of Google’s worldwide traffic, making Payjo the leading player in the industry by a considerable margin.


Payjo continues to invest in building capabilities that align and achieve key goals of financial institutions – delight customers with omnichannel and intelligent experiences, save on customer servicing cost through automation, grow revenue through upsell/cross-sell and successfully converting prospects, retain clients by recognizing loyalty and creating personalized journeys.


“Our team is continually scanning the market to find solutions that are relevant to Canadian credit unions,” says Rojin Nair, general manager, Fintech Solutions at Celero “Payjo’s conversational platform leverages AI-powered bots to offer voice-activated financial transactions capabilities to members, something that can benefit and tangibly contribute to many of the strategic goals credit unions are looking to achieve.”


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About Payjo

Payjo, Inc. is the leading AI Assisted Banking Platform founded in 2015. It is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The founding team comes from some of the core AI groups of Microsoft and Stanford with over 25 years of experience in financial software generating close to $50 Million in revenue and $2 Billion in transactions.


At Payjo, we are working towards “Democratizing Access to Assisted Banking.” Payjo’s platform is designed to provide intelligently automated assistance to prospects, customers, and employees of the bank throughout the life-cycle both reactively and proactively in about 119 languages over voice and text.


Payjo is at the forefront of AI technologies that are driving digital banking transformation. Its AI banking assistants power some of the leading financial institutions in the EU, The USA, and Asia.


About Celero

Celero is a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) solutions to credit unions and other financial institutions across Canada. A full-service IT company, Celero provides complete banking solutions, IT planning, systems integration, hosting, support, and professional services as well as analytics solutions and expertise. Celero meets the unique needs financial institutions and delivers world-class reliability and security through its Canadian-based data centers, employees, and operations. For more information, visit

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