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Banking for customers with disabilities – Delivering AI powered CX
Tue, December 18, 2018 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT
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Is your banking website and mobile app accessible to people with disabilities?

Are they compatible with assistive technology?

Wish to show that your business cares for and values its differently-abled customers?

Progressive financial institutions (FIs) are differentiating themselves by using digital AI technology to improve accessibility and implement ‘financial inclusion’. What are you doing to focus on this largely untapped customer segment?

In this webinar, get to know the strategies and technologies that you can use to provide customers with disabilities an experience that exceeds their expectations and gains their loyalty.


  • Gain an overview of current assistive technologies used by banks.
  • Understand the practical difficulties faced by customers with disabilities when using banking services
  • Learn how AI technology addresses the challenges of banking by differently-abled customers.
  • Discover how Payjo’s AI accessibility assistant integrates with bank platforms, and other multiple vendors used by customers, to make their post-login experience seamless and easy.

Who Will Benefit:

The following titles from banks, credit unions and financial services will benefit from this complimentary webinar:

  • CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Head of Business Transformation
  • Head of Business Strategy

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About Payjo:

Payjo, Inc. is a San Francisco-based leading AI Assisted Banking Platform founded in 2015. The founding team comes from some of the core AI groups of Microsoft and Stanford with over 25 years of experience in financial software generating close to $50 Million in revenue and $2 Billion in transactions.

Payjo is proud to be powering some of the largest and most innovative banks across the world. Currently, the platform already processes millions of conversations every day with the total capacity across all the deployments adding up to 15,000 conversations per second or 1.2 Billion per day – close to 30% of Google’s worldwide traffic, making Payjo one of the leading players in the industry by far.