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AI Assisted Banking Platform – FAQ
What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a software application, that mimics a humanbeing. Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and they can converse with customers, in natural language just like a human agent would. Chatbots can take care all basic and repetitive inquiries, without the need for any human intervention, and ease the burden on your customer service representatives.

Can Payjo Chatbots be deployed on-premise in Enterprises?
Almost all of Payjo’stechnology is proprietary and this allows us the flexibility to deploy our solution on cloud or on premise or hybrid depending on business requirements or rules and regulations of the country where the institution is.

What kind of technology does Payjo Chatbots use?
Payjo’s AI assisted banking platform is built using advanced machine learning techniques. The conversational interface can be a voice bot or a chat bot.The platform learns from and improves its accuracy based on customer interactions. Currently our platform processes and learns from millions of conversations happening every day. Payjo employs highly qualified data scientists and the core AI team comes from Microsoft, UCLA and Stanford.
Can we use Payjo in a hybrid conversational model where we can use both automation and human intervention?
Yes, we have built our AI assistants with this hybrid model in mind. You can intervene whenever you think necessary. The configuration to enable this feature can be set during deployment
Which industries do Payjo AI Chatbots serve?
Payjo serves multiple industries ranging from Banking and Financial services, Insurance, Online retail and E-Commerce, Travel and Transportation, and Others.
How does Payjo provide support to clients?
We offer 24/7 support to our clients worldwide.
Do you have any use cases for Payjo chatbots?
Here are our latest 2 deployments:

YES BANK, the recipient of the Golden Peacock award for innovation and excellence and India’s fourth largest private sector bank, has usesPayjo’s AI assisted banking platform. Our chatbot is live on live on FB messenger and the YES BANK website. The messenger bot is one of the most advanced in the financial world currently. It does not just handle customer questions, it helps with transactions, recommendations, helps in lead generation – it goes to an extent of arranging for a group chat with the regional manager if a loan has to be approved instantly.

State Bank of India (#244 Forbes Global, #217 Fortune 500) – India’s largest bank with over 600 million customers – has partnered with Payjo to launch an Intelligent Personal Assistant for its customers and prospects. SBI’s Intelligent Assistant or SIA, an AI-powered chat & voice assistant, answers inquiries instantly and helps customers with everyday banking tasks, in natural language, just like a bank representative. SIA is available on website and mobile and will soon be made available on social messaging platforms and IVR channels.

You can also download our case study to understand how Payjo transformed Customer Experience (CX) for State Bank of India, one of the largest banks in the world.

In which regions are Payjo Chatbots available?
Payjo serves financial institutions across the globe and we don’t restrict our service by region. Predominantly, Payjo has customers in the United States, EU, Middle East and India.
Why should my bank choose Payjo chatbot?
Financial institutions around the world are deploying Artificial Intelligence for process automation, compliance, and advisory functions. Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs) – AI voice and AI chatbots – are the most common form of deployments seen at financial institutions. In addition to enhancing customer experience, banks can also reduce operational costs. For example, since launch, State Bank of India has responded to millions of queries from thousands of customers. SIA is set up to handle nearly 15,000 inquiries per second or 1.3 billion conversations per day – close to 30% of Google’s worldwide traffic.

The AI-powered chatbotsare capable of carrying out financial transactions over a friendly chat and answers banking inquiries and requests in a conversant manner. Payjo’ technology enables the bot to give quick, personalized responses and real-time insights on transactions. Further, it works seamlessly across multiple channels like web, mobile, and IVR.

Does the Payjo chatbot Platform support images and document attachments within messages?
Yes, Payjo’s AI Assistant can support the delivery of images, videos, pdf files over the chat. Additional file types can also be configured based on the requirement during the deployment.
What are the various languages supported by Payjo chatbot?
For an institution, customers can come from any walk of life and may not be well versed in English. We understand the needs of this market and we have built our solution with this in mind. Payjo’schatbot supports multiple (100+) languages for users around the world.
Do I need to have a machine learning expert inhouse to handle your implementation?
No, you don’t need to have a machine language or NLP expert in your organization to handle the Payjo chatbot. Our chatbots are very simple to use even for a non-developer. That’s why banks around the world love us.
What are the key features of your chatbots?
Payjo’s implementations have received rave reviews from the enterprise community in the USA, EU, and Asia. We are widely considered as the perfect example of ground-breaking AI application in conversational space. Here’s some of our features. To view all these in detail visit our features page.

  • Omni-Channel Learning
  • Unmatched Data Volume
  • Enterprise Ready Platform
  • Secure and Compliant
  • Designed for Millennials
  • Voice Enabled Agents
  • Dedicated Editorial Services
  • Most Comprehensive range of AI Agents
  • Multi-lingual AI
  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid hosting
Can this chatbot be used by a small firms with few locations?
Yes, we can customize and deploy our chatbots for firms of any size. Contact us to discuss your needs.